Seth James - Thing for You

I had the pleasure of seeing Seth James a few weeks ago at The Dosey Doe in H-Town.  He played with Cody Canada of Cross Canadian Ragweed.  Yeah, it was an amazing show. 
I don't think I've recovered yet.

Check out Seth's tour dates here and here.

One of my favorites was "Thing for You" by Seth James.  Listen to it hear.  Lyrics below:

Well, we both been trying to fight it.
We've been sitting here all night long.
It's gettin' harder and harder to hide it.
I've never felt anything this strong.
So it can't be wrong.
Honey, it can't be wrong.

Now girl, we're in a situation
It's a problem that we have to address
I've got a long long list of inclinations
And if ya got anything to confess
Get it off your chest
Honey, get it off your chest.

I got a thing for you.
You got a thing for  me.
Well, we should put our things together
And do what comes naturally
Don't even think about thinking
It's just the way it should be
I got a thing for you
You got a thang for me.

Well, I know you're feeling the feeling
Girl, you know what I'm talking about
Baby, I'm about to hit the ceiling
You got a vibe that you're putting out
You know you're putting out
Honey, there ain't no doubt

Repeat chorus.